Monday, November 10, 2008

Caution Wireless Networking : Preventing a Data Disaster

At last, a book dedicated to alleviating the fears that users may have
about the security of their wireless home network. This no-nonsense
guide is for wireless home

networkers who want to protect their data from hackers, crackers,
viruses, and worms. Written in non-technical language that's perfect
for both novices and intermediate users, this book offers a brief
introduction to wireless networking and identifies the most common
internal and external pitfalls-and ways to avoid and correct them.

* The ideal reference for computer users with a wireless network
who need facts separated from fiction to learn what is necessary to
protect their networks

* Real-world examples help demystify viruses, worms, cryptography,
and identity theft, while expert advice, cool techniques, and step-by-
step instructions give readers the know-how they need to secure a WLAN
and protect their privacy

* Covers the latest computer security threats and countermeasures,
addressing problems that older titles do not cover, particularly in
the areas of virus protection

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