Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hacking a Terror Network: The Silent Threat of Covert Channels

Description :
Could you find a hidden terrorist message in time to save innocent lives?
"Russ has done it again, a great story teller in person and from the printed page. The bad news is, this is not just another story, it is the cold frightening and exacting truth about the world that we now live in...everyday" --Chet Hosmer, CEO, WetStone Technologies, Inc.

* Discover a hidden world of covert communications
* Immerse yourself in the technology
* Create your own hidden messages with over 100 included tools

In Hacking a Terror Network, Russ Rogers uses a fictional scenario to demonstrate how terrorists may use the Internet to coordinate and launch a new series of terrorist attacks. While the scenario may be fictitious, the techniques and technologies that Russ uses are drawn straight from the computer security world. It makes for a great read as well as provides a blueprint to the workings of covert channels. Most importantly, it describes how law enforcement agencies and intelligence organizations can detect, defend and destroy threats. This book is packed with real-life examples of how tools work, including screenshots and narrative tutorials. Both amateurs and seasoned security professionals will benefit from reading this book. --from the Foreword by Matthew G. Devost, President and CEO, Terrorism Research Center, Inc.

There is a plot underway to attack American interests...

A decade-old grudge against the West comes to fruition as a child follows the path of the father's hatred for America and vows to avenge a brother. The American dream is in danger and can be saved only through the diligence and imagination of one man. An American agent suspects a plot but needs to prove it in order to draw attention to the danger. But how are the terrorists communicating? He needs to break the code to stop the plot that could kill thousands of innocent people.

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