Thursday, November 13, 2008

Web Applications (Hacking Exposed)

Description :
Get in-depth coverage of Web application platforms and their vulnerabilities, presented the same popular format as the international bestseller, Hacking Exposed. Covering hacking scenarios across different programming languages and depicting various types of attacks and countermeasures, this book offers you up-to-date and highly valuable insight into Web application security.

"Required reading for Web architects and operators." -- Erik Olson, Microsoft Program Manager, Security, ASP.NET

"Just as the original Hacking Exposed revealed the techniques the bad guys were hiding behind, Hacking Exposed Web Applications will do the same for this critical technology. Its methodical approach and appropriate detail will enlighten, educate, and go a long way toward making the Web a safer place in which to do business." -- from the Foreword by Mark Curphey, Chair of the Open Web Application Security Project

"This is a serious technical guide that is also great reading -- scary enough to motivate folks to take Web security seriously but approachable enough to be an effective learning tool. Required reading for Web architects and operators." -- Erik Olson, Program Manager, Security, ASP.NET

"What better way to defend against hackers than to understand the tools and techniques that are used to penetrate your site? Hacking Exposed Web Applications offers a detailed look at common vulnerabilities within your applications and explains how to protect yourself from them." -- Mike Mullins, Ecommerce Security Engineer for a leading specialty apparel retailer

"At last, your personal guide to preventing the next generation of security threats. This book explains in intricate detail how you can do everything right when it comes to network security and still be owned at the Web application layer." -- Chip Andrews,

"If you're involved in writing Web-based applications using ASP/ASP.NET, Java, JSP, PHP, or other languages, the Hacking Exposed series is something you DEFINITELY need to read. Before writing one line of code, this book will spark ideas about how to design and secure your Web applications. There are techniques potential hackers could use that I've never even thought of! Great resource!" -- Steve Schofield, Creator and Managing Editor,

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