Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hacking RSS and Atom

Description :
Now you can satisfy your appetite for information

This book is not about the minutia of RSS and Atom programming. It's about doing cool stuff with syndication feeds-making the technology give you exactly what you want the way you want.

It's about building a feed aggregator and routing feeds to your e-mail or iPod, producing and hosting feeds, filtering, sifting, and blending them, and much more. Tan-talizing loose ends beg you to create more hacks the author hasn't thought up yet. Because if you can't have fun with the technology, what's the point?

A sampler platter of things you'll learn to do
* Build a simple feed aggregator
* Add feeds to your buddy list
* Tune into rich media feeds with BitTorrent
* Monitor system logs and events with feeds
* Scrape feeds from old-fashioned Web sites
* Reroute mailing lists into your aggregator
* Distill popular links from blogs
* Republish feed headlines on your Web site
* Extend feeds using calendar events and microformats

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