Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wireless Hacking : Projects for Wi-Fi Enthusiasts

Wireless Hacking : Projects for Wi-Fi Enthusiasts

* Build, Deploy and Maintain a "Homebrew" Wi-Fi Network
* Create a Low-Cost/High-Yield Development Roadmap for Wireless Enthusiasts, Households, Small Businesses and Community Groups
* Customize Wireless Operating Systems, Install Antennas, Build Solar-Powered Access Points and More

A few years ago, wireless internet access was just a glint in the eyes of the IT industry. Today, most notebook PCs ship with built-in Wi-Fi capability, and Wi-Fi access points have become as important as the espresso machines at the neighborhood Starbucks. Wireless Hacking provides a low-cost/high-yield blueprint for wireless enthusiasts, households, small businesses and communities. After reading this book, you will be able to build, deploy and maintain a "homebrew" Wi-Fi network. And if you just want some geek fun, Wireless Hacking won't disappoint. You will be challenged! Written by members of the pioneering SoCalFreeNet Wireless Users Group, Wireless Hacking delivers a series of interrelated projects, with full integration of both hardware and software hacks. Some of the wireless hacks in this book include:

* Use existing Ethernet cables to provide low-voltage power to Access Points with no additional source of electricity.
* Install Linux and FreeBSD on low-cost (under $150) Soekris single-board computers.
* Modify the firmware of your Linksys WRT54g.
* Construct Solar Powered Access Points and Repeaters for your Wi-Fi network.
* WarDrive for wireless access points with tools like Kismet and NetStumbler.
* Install an antenna without killing yourself or changing the earth's orbit.
* Expand your Wi-Fi network beyond one box and 50 users with MESH network topology.

...Many more hacks and modifications inside!

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